Healing Through Transformation - with Mark McFeely, Spiritual Healer, Shaman and Mentor.
“The most amazing healer that has touched me in this lifetime.”
                                                        -Christopher Dammer, Bend, OR.

Just had an awesome uplifting, marvelous conversation with my friend Mark McFeely following the healing session he gave me few days ago. It was so beautiful, dissolving into oneness in the arms of the Divine. I highly and heart-fully recommend him for his high frequency work! Magical spontaneous profound healing happens....♥ he is a portal for the Divine to bring us back to wholeness.
Thank you Mark, love you so very much! 
PS He works long distance. You can call him from every corner of the world! :)
                                                     ~ Kamala Shalini Taroni Bagdasarian

 "I found your generous dose of "good father" energy to be the perfect antidote Mark McFeely, thank you! Now that I've recalibrated that into my system I'm finding it much easier to access internally again. The "wounded feminine" is so often met with the "critical/judgmental father" (persecutor) or with the rescuer who tries to fix her ... when what she needs is safety and loving presence to find her own strength.
                                                                             ~ Deborah Anapol.

"You didn't just heal me, you showed me how to take my life back,
and live again."                                            
                                                                                       -Jodi, CO.

“I lost my nerve for over two years, and had effectively been out of operation as a commodities broker. Three days after my session with you
I made the biggest deal ever and made over $250,000 profit. I am back in the saddle. Thanks to you!" 
                                                                          -J.P. Scottsdale, AZ

On several occasions I was guided by Mark to get in touch with my negative inner voice, take control of it by accepting it, and go beyond my limits to an area of larger potential. He is sensitive, gentle, powerful and gifted in how he gets others to do the simple but hard work needed to heal and transform themselves.             ~Larry Rosenberg, Sedona, AZ

“I have struggled a bit, but I keep getting back on track and it gets easier each time.  Several good things have fallen into place during this time of change.  People have definitely noticed the different happier energy around me.”
                                                                                   -Caroline, AZ
"I have never experienced anything like this. You really do work on multiple dimensions. You have taken 10-years of aging from my body and face. 
Thank  you!" 
                                                                  -D. Meyer, Baltimore, MD

"I don't know how you do it. I live over here in Australia. We talked on the phone for 30 minutes, you sent me distant healing later that evening,
and I am totally transformed".

                                                              -Jessie Root, Perth, Australia.

Mark, you are such an extraordinary catalyst for change in people's lives, work that is so important at this time of upheaval and growth.
                                                          - Maureen M. Verde Valley, AZ

Through "The Father" all things are possible!

I can work with you in person, face-to-face, or long-distance. 
Most of my sessions are distant, working with people on other continents. When you get that time and space do not really exist, and we are all connected already, distance is not an issue.

Call 602-885-8008  or E-mail: markmcfly@msn.com

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