Healing Through Transformation - with Mark McFeely, Spiritual Healer, Shaman and Mentor.
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or E-mail: markmcfly@msn.com

I can work with you in person, face-to-face, or long-distance. Most of my sessions are distant, working with people on other continents. When you get that time and space do not really exist, and we are all connected already, distance is not an issue.

My basic charge is US$150.00 for a one-hour session.
What I have been doing recently with Distant/Remote Healing is to start with a conversation, to determine what the issues and challenges are, and what is desired. 
The conversation is free, but if it develops into a long consultation, I let the client know that this is the case, and ask if they wish to proceed. The meter does not start running until we agree, so it is not a ‘gotcha!’ situation. 
My intention is to give service and value that is mutually beneficial and nourishing. When we are in agreement, I  then set up a series of distant healing sessions, 3-5 spread over a few days, depending on what is going on. I charge $75 each for those.  The remote healing is typically set to arrive when the client is sleeping, so there is nothing to do on your end, other than to relax and receive. I use PayPal as it is a very efficient and easy way to receive payments, as most of my clients are in other states, or overseas. 
If you have further questions, please call me on 602-885-8008 for a ‘free’ familiarization conversation.  www.markmcfeely.com
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