Healing Through Transformation - with Mark McFeely, Spiritual Healer, Shaman and Mentor.
About Me...
Through the Father all things are possible.

I have over 40 years of real and practical experience in assisting others in successfully transforming "impossible situations".
If there is something in your life that you want to change but don't know how, call me NOW!    602-885-8008
Many of my best successes have been with individuals who've been told, "You'll just have to learn to live with it!"

My success is based on my trust and absolute confidence in the love, compassion and healing power of the Father (Creator). With your permission, I can assist you in re-connecting with the Father and allowing Him to support you in achieving your full-potential in health, happiness, prosperity and relationships.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, facilitate your personal transformation, and witness the unfolding of your full-potential. There is an innate intelligence within you that already knows what you want. When would NOW be a good time to communicate with that intelligence?
Call me now!  
Location: Bend, Oregon, USA
Hours: By appointment.
           Flexible to accomodate International time zones.
More about me...

I am a Professional, Shaman. Spiritual Healer, Natural Healer, Transformational Facilitator and  Intuitive Counselor since the early 70's.
Trained in Aura & Chakra Balancing and Psychometry with Jessica McBeth, in Bath, England. 1st & 2nd degree Reiki with Marta Getty in Glastonbury, England. Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology in London. Rebirther trainings and personal growth work with Leonard Orr & Sondra Ray, Bob & Mallie Mandell/ LRT, in London, England. Worked with and studied the Psychology of Conscious Living under Dr. Donald Leon in Scottsdale, AZ (1988-95). Studied Holodynamics under Dr. Vernon Woolf at the International Academy of Holodynamics, Cornville, AZ (2006-2011).

I have touched the lives of many thousands of people in Europe,
the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.
Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1948, I have been a conscientious seeker since the age of 14, pursuing many different philosophies and teachings, with an insatiable curiousity.
I have continually developed and honed my natural healing and intuitive skills, and have a vast repertoire of success stories. My life experiences have taught me 'not to be confused by the facts'. In 1986 I resigned from the corporate world to become a full-time professional healer. 

I have had very successful healing practices in England (Shrewsbury Complementary Medical Centre), Wales (St. Oswald's Healing Centre, Oswestry), Scottsdale, Phoenix,  Cave Creek and Sedona, Arizona, and in now in Bend, Oregon.(Bodymind Transformation Institute).

Since moving to the US 24 years ago, I have established myself as a notable proponent of spiritual, complementary and alternative health care.
My two young and very healthy children, have been raised without the use of pharmaceuticals, or conventional medicinal practices. My dear daughter, Shayla is a 'water-baby' born in 2000, has never been in a hospital, or seen a medical doctor, and is a perfect example of how healthy a child can be without 'medical interference', or 'pharmaceutical pollution'.

I am truly an Holistic Healer in that I work with Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, with the emphasis on keeping them all functioning together, effectively.
By courtesy of the Department of CYA (Cover Your Ass):

Please read this disclaimer:
Mark McFeely is a spiritual, metaphysical healer, not a medical practitioner. He does not directly, or indirectly dispense medical advice, diagnose, or prescribe. He offers information based on his own opinions, experiences, and personal preferences. The information, ideas, theories, philosophies and opinions offered, whether verbal, written or implied, are intended to be solely informational and educational.

If you have any questions about your personal health and well being, you are advised to consult a qualified medical practitioner.

There! You've been told!
If you are low on faith,
I have enough for both of us. 

What I have been doing recently with Distant/Remote Healing is to start with a conversation, to determine what the issues and challenges are, and what is desired. 

The conversation is free, but if it develops into a long consultation, I let the client know that this is the case, and ask if they wish to proceed. The meter does not start running until we agree,
so it is not a ‘gotcha!’ situation. 

My intention is to give service and value that is mutually beneficial and nourishing. When we are in agreement, I  then set up a series of distant healing sessions, 3-5 spread over a few days, depending on what is going on. I charge $75 each for those.  

The remote healing is typically set to arrive when the client is sleeping, so there is nothing to do on your end, other than to relax and receive. I use PayPal as it is a very efficient and easy way to receive payments, as most of my clients are in other states, or overseas. 

If you have further questions, please call me on 602-885-8008 for a ‘free’ familiarization conversation.  

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